In-house poker

Poker is one of the flagships of the house, taking advantage of the great popularity that the game has in different parts of the world and also the facility to play (only need a deck), which managed to convert well to the internet and earn even more adepts. The house even has the brand 888 poker and a hotsite

And as in other houses, several versions are available, with some changes in the rules of poker. The most famous of these is Texas Hold’Em, but it also has Omaha, 7 Card Stud and others. As usual, what matters is to have a sequence of cards in your hand be it 6,7,8,9, 10 for example or a set, such as two pairs or a trio. The more valuable this sequence or set is, the stronger your hand will be and you will be able to face your opponents.

An interesting thing that the house offers is the possibility for you to play poker online for free, without having to put money in the game. Thus, anyone who just wants to know or learn does not need to pay money.

But first of all, you need to register in the home system. They will only ask for basic personal data such as your full name, tax document number, email address and your home address. They will also security another important factor is also to define how you will put money into your account. 888 poker accepts debit and credit cards and also online wallets.

To retain new customers, 888 poker offers bonuses of all types in these sectors, motivating the customer to stay longer and learn about the products the company offers. If the customer is satisfied with them, it is unlikely to test the competition.

Is 888Poker Reliable? Full review with Bonuses & Offers

In the initial contact with the site, special attention is already noticeable to the player who chooses 888Poker. There are several texts, images and explanatory tools that can promptly remove all doubts that visitors might have regarding the service and its reliability.

Website, but very well organized and functional. You can access special promotions, information articles, downloads and company data right on the first page. The same happens in the mobile device application, which has well-visible and organized buttons, with colors that are quite comfortable for prolonged use.