Baldazzi Styl Art Review

Introduction to Baldazzi Styl Art

Baldazzi Styl Art is a well-known provider of slot games for the physical market, providing casino solutions on a wide scale since the early 1990s. The company, based out of its native Italy, has moved into the online gaming scene in recent years dueto a partnership with World Match. World Match has previously worked with the likes of Bakoo to help launch itswell-known physical titles for the web.

Baldazzi Styl Art is a name that has become synonymous with quality in physical casino and arcade settings. Therefore, itsemergence on the online gaming scene has been met with excitement – it has been a long time coming!

History of Baldazzi Styl Art

Headed up by a talented team of games designers and mechanics experts, Baldazzi Styl Art has been at the epicenter of game design since 1994. The brand has therefore cemented itself in Europe as a major provider of video slot games for physical cabinets and casino floors. In recent years, the company has expanded its repertoire to cater to online players, partly with the support of distribution experts at World Match.

For example, World Match proved instrumental in helping Baldazzi Styl Art bring titles such as Angeli e Demoni25 to the public in 2016. Since this time, the Baldazzi Styl Art lineup has expanded further, with the studio largely known for five to six mainstream games online. Outside of this, the Italian developer has continued to focus on creating physical titles for casino and arcade cabinets – where itfirst started out.

Baldazzi Styl Art is a name that isn’t as well-known as some of the bigger studios, such as NetEnt or Micro gaming, at present, despite being roughly the same age as the latter. Baldazzi Styl Art’s niche has mainly revolved around physical demand and is therefore operating similarly to Bakoo. Regardless, the studio’s story is far from complete, and it will be interesting to see what the experts bring to the web in the years to come.

Baldazzi Styl Art Top Games

Baldazzi Styl Art is known mainly for five particularly popular games: the aforementioned Angeli e Demoni25 (Angels and Demons), Night Vampire, Diablo, The Club, Rock Vampire and Hard Vampire. If you’re noticing a theme, it’s because Baldazzi Styl Art appears to concern itself largely with games based around monstrous legends. Its games largely follow the five-reel format, though their paylines and bonus features do vary from game to game. Just because you may have played one vampire-themed gamedoesn’t mean that you have played them all!

What’s more, Baldazzi Styl Art loves to tell a story through itsgames –and why not? Its online release of Rock Vampire hit casinos in the summer of 2021. This particular game puts players at the heart of a terrifying battle to overpower fearsome fanged foes – with features such as free spins and respin triggers available to unlock. Spin in garlic and a host of weapons to see off Dracula and his band of baddies.

Rock Vampire weighs in with an RTP of just above 94% and low variance. Therefore, it is one of the more challenging titles in the Baldazzi Styl Art catalog. However, it remains one of the most popular nonetheless. It’s a 10-payline game, and has surprising depth beyond its otherwise simple layout.

Elsewhere, Diablo allows players to take a dance with the devil himself, with a 5×3 grid and features such as expanding wilds and free spins waiting to be unlocked. This dark and imposing game provides players with an RTP of just below 95% and low variance. The title emerged in July 2021, making it one of the newer games in the Baldazzi Styl Art lineup.

Baldazzi Styl Art Notable Awards

While well regarded for itsphysical slot setups for casinos, Baldazzi Styl Art is yet to win any major awards for online gaming. However, time may be on the studio’s side! We’ll be sure to update this guide should any major wins occur in the near future.

Baldazzi Styl Art Summary

Baldazzi Styl Art is a European brand that has rocketed into casinos over the past three decades dueto its dedication to gaming mechanics and eye-catching designs. Its forays online are just getting started, which means that it’s a brand that many players will likely want to keep watching over the years to come.