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Roulette is a classic – roulette information, rules & strategy

Roulette is a game whose popularity shows no signs of fading at all, even hundreds of years after its invention. Roulette is a game with style, sophistication and interesting structure. Live roulette consists of two parts, which include a betting area and a roulette wheel. The roulette wheel was once a magnificent invention that came to the mind of a French scientist when he studied perpetual motion. The roulette wheel is very precisely aligned and rotates smoothly thanks to its bearing shaft. The roulette wheel is surrounded by a cylindrical trough, along the edge of which the game manager moves the ball. The charm of roulette is in a purely random result of each round of play. The roulette wheel rotates in the opposite direction to the ball and it is completely impossible to predict the outcome of a game round based on how the ball bounces and in which numbered pocket it eventually stops. 

A roulette strategy that records the numbers of previous rounds is useless to the player

One popular strategy assumes that by tracking the results, a player can bet on individual numbers that have not been hit once in a while. The player then assumes that it is time for the roulette to hit those numbers as well, using probability. The truth is, however, that the benefit of betting on these numbers is minimal. This is because each round of roulette is a completely independent event, and previous or future rounds do not affect in any way what happens in that round. It is only when talking about thousands of rounds of live roulette that it can be seen that the ball falls, on average, as many times into each separate pocket.  

The rules of roulette are also simple to learn, which is why roulette is also played by thousands of Finns online. The bet can be placed on either the indoor or outdoor field. Outdoor field wins are smaller, but the probability of winning is higher. The individual numbers on the inner field produce the best wins in the game, but the probability of winning is only 1/37 and the odds of winning are 1/35. So the house advantage is 2.7%, which in turn means a 97.3% return for the player! but the probability of winning is higher.